Nyabing Progress Association Inc. - Community Enterprise Film - From Pub to Hub

From Pub to Hub: Nyabing Progress Association Community Enterprise from Gary Burke on Vimeo.

After losing their local sporting groups, the members of the Nyabing community were concerned that their population would decline further and their community would suffer both economically and socially.  The Association has since turned their prospects around with the idea of raising funds through a community cropping program.

Working together with volunteer labour and machinery, the Association invested their earnings back in the Nyabing community. Two successful cropping seasons later and the Nyabing community was able to utilise the proceeds to purchase the town pub, the Nyabing Inn.

With assistance from the Royalties for Regions Scheme and the National Stronger Regions Fund they are expanding the Pub into a Hub for the whole community, a place for the locals to congregate, socialise and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.
The Community Hub project will include six accommodation units, business offices, kitchen and dining facilities, car parking and licensed area.

The revamped and upgraded complex has become a vibrant centre of activity bring the town's residents together with renewed community spirit, energy and ideas to see the town succeed and prosper.

The small regional town of Nyabing launched their story of the successful sharecropping and Community Hub project on 29 July 2016 through a community enterprise film.