Great Southern Children's Services Plan


To download the Great Southern Children's Services Plan click here ...


The Children’s Services Plan project was completed in October, 2015. RDA has been privileged to deliver this work on behalf of the Great Southern region, and has developed a wealth of resources through the project period. Please feel free to contact RDA Great Southern on 9842 5800 or email to request a print copy of the Great Southern Children’s Services Plan.


The Vision for Children's and Family Support Services in the Great Southern


The Great Southern aspires to Early Childhood Education and Care and Family Support Services that are sustainably managed and place based, and which meet the differing needs of our region’s families and communities. The Plan is intended as a valuable resource for our region, for practical use and guidance regionally.


Getting the Great Southern connected through DropIN and the Connecting Early Years Networks online platforms ...


Access to information and resources is very important to providers of Children’s and family services. And communication between and co-ordination of services has gone ahead in leaps and bounds over the course of this project.


The RDA has worked alongside WACOSS to develop and deliver two DropIN sites for the Great Southern as a communications platform. The site is restricted to viewing and editing by participating members only.


The Great Southern Community Children’s Service Calendar (Ready Reckoner) is now LIVE on DropIN …


The Community Ready Reckoner has been developed in recognition of our diverse region and the challenge of co-ordinating and communicating both government and non-government services across the region in a single format. It is expected that the calendar will be able to be printed and distributed on a monthly basis for display outside of the site.


If you would like to be part of this great communications platform, please email and they will arrange to have your access granted.